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The first spa pool

In ancient times, spa pools were built next to springs to take advantage of natural purification. Fresh spring water constantly replenished spa pool water and recycled it through the ecosystem. In today’s modern spa pool, where water cannot be replaced constantly, a different approach is necessary. The most common method today combines filtration with large amounts of toxic dangerous chemicals such as chlorine and bromine added to the pool. Many of these chemicals are extremely powerful. They also upset water balance, are harsh, irritating and a health hazard to people using the spa, and has not been excluded as a cancer-causing agent as well as being harmful to the environment.

What was needed was an approach to spa pool purification that use our advanced scientific understanding of nature to create an ozone system that works as effectively, easily and completely as nature to produce healthy, safe, clean and comfortable spa water without any unpleasant chemical odours. The King Neptune Synergistic System™ is the first technology to do this, supercharging the ozone molecules with Ozone Accelerator™ controlling bacteria and algae.

With King Neptune, you will completely eliminate the need for toxic chemicals like bromine and chlorine in your spa pool. Instead you can keep it pure the natural way. And maintaining your spa pool with King Neptune requires less time, fewer hassles and lower cost than maintaining your pool with traditional chemical treatments.

You’ll be amazed at the difference you can see and feel in water that’s been naturally treated.

Water purified by King Neptune Synergistic System™ is:
kind to your eyes so you can spa without irritation.
moisturising to your hair and skin so there’s no need to shower after spaing.
kind to your skin; wounds, sores and skin abrasions heal more rapidly from contact with water rich in oxygen.
no bromine or chlorine odour in hair after spaing.
non allergenic to people who have an allergic reaction to chlorine and bromine
clean, healthy, natural and odour free water that is crystal clear with a slight bluish tint.
environmentally friendly.
and King Neptune keeps your spa pool cleaner than chlorine does.
You’ll save a lot of time; spa pool owners who have switched from toxic chemical programs spend 65% less time maintaining their spa pools with Isaac Technology.

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