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Water balance

“Water balance” means keeping two things in equilibrium: Calcium Hardness and Total Alkalinity. With King Neptune it is easy to keep the water’s natural equilibrium. This section describes the essentials for keeping your water in balance.

1st step total alkalinity test

Total Alkalinity is the water’s “buffer capacity.” Properly balanced Total Alkalinity helps the pH level remain stable, and prevents scale deposits from forming on spa pool surfaces. Low Total Alkalinity means water has too little buffering capacity, which results in constantly fluctuating pH readings. This can damage equipment and pool surfaces. High Total Alkalinity is indicated by (a) white deposits forming on tile line (b) rough surfaces (c) cloudy, milky-white water (d) fouled filter elements and heater elements.
How to correct Total Alkalinity.
When Total Alkalinity is too low, Ozone Plus Spa
Increaser™ will return it to balance. The suggested TA for your spa pool is 70-80 parts per million (ppm). Test for TA at least once a month. When increasing TA, the water may become temporarily cloudy for a couple of hours, but will clear. Ozone Plus Spa Increaser™ will increase your TA and should be the only product used for this job.

2nd step Calcium Hardness

The amount of calcium and magnesium dissolved in water determines its Total Hardness. All water naturally seeks moderate hardness levels. While some forms of chlorine actually make water harder, the natural process of ozone has no effect on Total Hardness, so it helps maintain balance. That’s one of many reasons naturally purified water is kind to your hair, skin and spa pool. The safest level for your spa should be kept between 150 to 200 ppm.
Low Calcium Hardness. If your water hardness is too low, the water will seek sources of calcium by eating into plastics, deteriorating electric and gas heaters and causing all sorts of problems. Increasing Calcium Hardness is easy: add Ozone Plus Calcium™. Test calcium every 3 months. Isaac Technologies have excellent test kits researched and designed perfectly for your spa, just phone..

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