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Isaac Technologies has been operating for 22 years since it's foundation in 1989 and is the forefront of designing, manufacturing and installing its ozone sanitation systems within Australasia. These ozone systems are for the sanitation of spas, pools, hydroponics and drinking water. This company is located in Sydney, Australia. The first generator produced by Isaac Technologies was the MK1, sold under the King Neptune name.

Isaac Technologies is dedicated to the ongoing study of Ozone and its applications. Ozone is their specialty.

Why choose Ozone?

Let us introduce The King Neptune Synergistic System™, a product fully manufactured by this Australian owned company. As the director of this company, Peter Dyczek, explains, “One benefit of being enlightened to the most natural form of water sanitation is that you can enjoy clean, clear water without the need for traditional sanitising agents. There are many more benefits for choosing Ozone. The King Neptune Synergistic System™ has been thoroughly tested in Sydney university studies on the effectiveness of the product. Using the higher forms of oxygen based purification that ozone provides, any bacteria in your pool or spa water is oxidized rather than poisoned and all trace or residues are eliminated. Ozone alone will greatly reduce the need for traditional sanitizers, and when Ozone is used in conjunction with the King Neptune Synergistic System™ it completely eliminates the need to use chlorine or bromine in your pool or spa. Ozone sanitation is natural and will have no adverse affects on the natural balance of your pool or spa water. Ozone sanitation does not introduce any solids that can cloud the water and cause irritation of the skin, eyes or damage your hair. Ozone also does not leave any residual odor to you or your bathing costume, eliminating the need to shower after using your pool or spa. You will in fact feel rejuvenated and your skin and hair will be soft and clean after using your pool or spa, as it should

be. Ozone also helps to ensure that your pool or spa equipment is not damaged by the sanitizing agent, as is the case with salt-water pools.

When used with Ozone, The King Neptune Synergistic System™ is the complete answer to clean, clear water the natural way and will eliminate the need for super chlorination after heavy usage of your pool or spa. Your water will never have looked as clear as smaller particles that remove the sparkle from your water are formed into larger particles that will be removed by your filtration system. Using these natural sanitisers will also reduce the maintenance time required to keep you pool or spa clean, healthy and inviting.

Always insist on a King Neptune Ozone System, as they are manufactured to the highest standard and engineered to last. The attractive powder coated unit is made from marine grade aluminium. The highest quality lamps, precision built ballasts and sealed electronics will ensure you the maximum life for the generator unit and full back up service will ensure that it keeps doing its job long into the future.

How can I buy one?

Isaac Technologies are represented by dealers in most Australia capital cities. Contact your nearest pool and spa professional or contact us direct for more information on becoming enlightened about the choices you can make if you are building a new pool or spa or seeking a more natural way to sanitise your existing pool or spa. You can find a dealer closest to where you live on the dealer page. You too can reap the benefits of this modern approach to sanitising and caring for your well being and your investment.

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above: installing an Ozone System onsite - putting in the Ozone pump.

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