what is Ozone

Ozone is an allotrope (different form) of oxygen. Normal oxygen consists of molecules containing two oxygen atoms. But in ozone, the molecules are made up of three oxygen atoms. The formula for ozone is therefore O3.

Ozone is produced by passing an electric discharge through oxygen or air. The characteristic smell of electric motors is caused by ozone produced by sparking in the motor. Ozone is also formed in lightning flashes, and in the upper atmosphere by the action of the Sun's rays. The ozone layers in the atmosphere absorb the harmful ultraviolet radiation in sunlight. Ozone is a very powerful oxidizing agent and is used to sterilize water, to purify air, to decolorize foods, and as a bleach.

Isaac Technologies has built its synergistic water system around ozone. Since ozone is life friendly and not a deadly poison such as bromine or

chlorine your environment and your family will benefit from an ozone system for your pool and spa.

There are 2 types of Ozone – positive and negative. Positive Ozone is created by U.V. Corona Discharge (C.D) produces negative Ozone- When there is humidity in the air this Ozone produces nitric acid. A laboratory test was performed on sick mice some were subjected to C.D others were subjected to U.V. The results of the treatment with U.V the mice improved immediately and were healed. The treatment of C.D Ozone killed the mice in 5 minutes. Refer to Oxygen Therapies by Ed McCabe pgs 90-93, pgs 140-143

Isaac Technologies Ozone generators are all U.V for the safer production of Positive Ozone.

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