Isaac Technologies Frequently Asked Questions

How long will Ozone last in my spa?
Scientific theory states that Ozone has a half life of 22 minutes. However recent tests have proven that a measurable residual can be found after 10 hours.

Will Ozone kill all viruses?
Yes Ozone kills all known forms of viruses found in your spa pool.

Will Ozone reduce scum lines and foaming?
Yes. With proper filtration it should completely eliminate them.

Can Ozone damage my spa pool or equipment?
No. In fact it is very gentle to spas, pools, and equipment. Ozone is more gentle than any other water purifier.

How is Ozone produced?
Oxygen is drawn past an ultraviolet light source operating at a short wavelength, which converts it to activated Oxygen (O3). This transformation occurs instantly, inside the Ozone of the Ozone generator.

Does Ozone reduce filtering times?
No. Ozone helps to bind small particles together which makes it possible for the filter to remove them from your spa, so therefore the greater the filtration time the better.

Is there any maintenance required?
There is no routine maintenance required.

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