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In order to get the most out of your pool it must be maintained properly. Water quality is one essential area which must be dealt with on a continual basis. There are three areas of consideration in proper pool maintenance.

1. Filtration and circulation
2. Disinfection, sanitation, oxidation
3. Water Balance

Filtration and circulation:If the water is not effectively being filtered and circulated, then all the chemicals and good advice and knowledge willbe of little or no benefit in proper pool maintenance. Filtration and circulation involve proper sizing of pump, proper sizing of filter, and maintaining the filter. If the pump is too small, or not run long enough each day,or the filter is too small, or old, or broken then you can count on problems in water quality.

Disinfection, sanitation, oxidation: The chief area of concern here is to protect the swimmers from disease. Oxidizing away organic matter is a secondary consideration.

Water Balance:The concern here is to protect the equipment and the pool. Plaster etching, metal, corrosion, staining and swimmer discomfort resultswhen the pH is too low. And when the pH is too high the results are scaling on the pool walls and bottom and equipment, poor sanitizer efficiency and swimmer irritation.









With a basic knowledge of these three areas of concern and a consistant maintenance schedule you can keep your pool and spa in good running order. Remember that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure and this is a big "truth" in the area of pool and spa maintenance.

Our online glossary covers the complete terminology needed to understand many of the concepts discussed within our Aquatic tips directory.

Note: All information provided by Isaact Technologies is to help educate the reader in pool maintanence. Any use and application of this information is the responsibility of the reader / user. Isaac Technologies is not responsible in any way for the consequences of using / applying the provided information and suggestions.

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