Isaac Technologies Frequently Asked Questions

Will Ozone help to keep my cartridge clean?
Yes. Ozone has no chemical by-products therefore cartridge filters are much easier to hose off and cartridge soaking can be reduced.

Will I notice a difference in my spa pool water?
Yes. Most minerals and impurities in the water will be removed, resulting in softer water with a slight bluish tint.

Do I have to drain my spa water periodically?
With King Neptune ozonated water dumping will be less frequent as ozone does not increase total dissolved solids as chlorine and bromine do. We do recommend however that the spa be emptied once a year.

Is it true that bromine is perfectly compatible with Ozone?
Bromine is not compatible with King Neptune ozone generators. It is a toxic product and dangerous to your health.

What other chemicals are required if I use Ozone to purify my spa pool?
pH, TA and calcium need to be tested and adjusted when spa is filled initially and must be tested and adjusted periodically with Ozone Plus™. One must also use Ozone Accelerator™
and Ozone Clear™ weekly.

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