Ozone Plus Increaser™
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Protect the investment in your spa and use Ozone Plus Spa Increaser™ to keep your water alkalinity at the right level.

Total Alkalinity is the water’s “buffer capacity.” Properly balanced Total Alkalinity helps the pH level remain stable, and prevents scale deposits from forming on spa pool surfaces. Low Total Alkalinity means water has too little buffering capacity, which results in constantly fluctuating pH readings. This can damage equipment and pool surfaces. High Total Alkalinity is indicated by (a) white deposits forming on tile line (b) rough surfaces (c) cloudy, milky-white water (d) fouled filter elements and heater elements.

When total alkalinity is too low, Ozone Plus Spa Increaser™ will return it to its correct balance. Isaac Technologies have excellent test kits researched and designed perfectly for your spa, just contact us here.

Ozone Plus Spa Increaser™ is sold in 500g & 10kg containers.

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