King Neptune Spa and Pool

King Neptune

Thank you for buying one of Australia’s most advanced, state of the art ozone generators. Isaac Technologies has been manufacturing ozone generators for over ten years and we are proud to say that we are totally Australian-owned. We also believe you have made the right choice. Our machines were designed by a research and development team in conjunction with field trials and laboratory testing. We had the notion of trying to create water that would be almost drinkable and this was accomplished over a three year period. The second idea was to manufacture a durable machine that could be used year in, year out. Giving you many years of spa-time relaxation.

The following characteristics guarantee the longevity of your machine -
(a) Your King Neptune is hand-welded marine grade aluminium.
(b) Nuts and screws are stainless steel.
(c) Switches are heavy duty industrial.
(d) The exterior is powder-coated.
(e) High grade electronics are sealed.
(f) Each machine carries a 12-month warranty
from installation date, including all parts and
llabour at factory.

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