King Neptune Spa and Pool

Start up process for new spa pool water

(1) Drain spa and wipe down with metholated spirits.
(2) Fill spa with fresh water.
(3) Add Ozone Accelerator™ 500ml to a spa of 1000 litres.
(4) Operate pump and King Neptune for 24 hours.
(5) Remove filter. Hose off visible debris. Mix
Ozone Accelerator™ 4 parts water to 1 part Accelerator. Soak the filter in a bucket of this solution for 6 hours, then rinse it well with a garden hose and reinstall.
(6) Adjust alkalinity and calcium. Apply Ozone Clear™.
(7) Operate pump and King Neptune another 12 hours.
(8) Spa should be perfectly clear.
(9) If the spa water remains cloudy or turns cloudy after heavy use, this may be caused by harmless micro-debris. Add a second addition of Ozone Accelerator™.
(10) Relax. Enjoy your spa.
If cloudy water, musky smell and algae persist which may occur in summer months after heavy use; increase the time to 8 hours per day. You can never over-ozonate your spa - better to run your spa longer than the recommended time. If the problem continues after the procedure has been followed, we conclude that micro debris left after ozonisation are not being captured by the spa filter. dilute product.

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