King Neptune Spa and Pool

Safety Instructions

1. Read and follow all instructions carefully.
2. All electrical connections should be made by a qualified electrician.
3. King Neptune ozone generators must be installed by Isaac Technologies’ qualified ozone technicians or recommended people. Please phone one of our offices for details.
4. For further information contact:
Sydney Phone: (02) 9604 4667
Adelaide Phone: (08) 8270 5327
Melbourne Phone: (03) 5443 4172
Brisbane Phone: (07) 5571 5722
5. Under no circumstances is the machine to be opened. The ozone light source emits ultra-violet light which is harmful to the eyes and skin.
6. If used indoors the room must be kept well ventilated.
7. The warranty is void if the Ozone Generator is not installed correctly or if tampered with afte installation by an unauthorised person.
8. Ozone Accelerator™ and Ozone Clear™ must be used frequently, testing with ozone test strips. .

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