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Spa purification – Ozone Accelerator™

King Neptune purifies spa water using oxygen the way nature does. So it’s non toxic to humans and safe for the environment. Ozone by itself will not be enough. Bacteria and other contaminants have an astonishing ability to resist or evade treatment. So our synergistic system of treatment will provide the best purification. Ozone Accelerator™ was designed to “supercharge” the ozone molecules with excess oxygen by introducing extra liquid oxygen, nature’s most powerful oxidiser, into water.

Testing is quite simple: if the spa is used twice a week the required amount of Ozone Accelerator™ should be added into circulating spa water. After 10 minutes begin testing. Dip test strip into spa for one second and read off level after waiting 5 seconds. 100 parts per million (ppm) must be read. If the Accelerator level is still not high enough, a second addition may be necessary. If spa pool is used more frequently Ozone Accelerator™ should be used twice a week or even 3 times a week depending on loading.

NOTE: Ozone Accelerator™ is a very strong oxidiser and must be handled with extreme care, if spilt lots of water must be used to dilute product.

Ozone Clear™

Ozone Clear™ is a concentrated liquid - a uniquely compatible product for ozone spa pools. Through the environment and normal use a wide variety of microscopic particles too small in physical size for normal filtration remain in the spa pool water. The water begins to refract light taking on a cloudy and lacklustre appearance due to high bather loads and high temperatures in the water.

Ozone Clear™ works by agglomerating the smaller particles into larger filterable masses. Ozone Clear™ will reduce overall maintenance costs by reducing the particle matter present in the water, which chemicals would normally try to break down. Ozone Clear™ will also kill bacteria and other micro organisms. It will not oxidise organic compounds or kill algae - although it is an algaestat, meaning it retards algae growth.

Lastly Ozone Clear™ has built-in natural enzymes to help reduce body fats and oils in the water.

Isaac Technologies We think have researched, developed and manufactured the best natural spa water system in the world. For the health and safety of your family regularly carry out our recommended procedures, if in doubt don’t hesitate to call.


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