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There are only two things necessary for proper spa water maintenance - filtration and Water Management. The first step for any spa pool owner should be to check the operating condition of the pump and filtration system. Be sure you follow the manufacturer’s recommended procedures for correct filter operation and general upkeep. If your filter is not operating correctly, organic debris will remain in your spa pool becoming food for bacteria and algae. This debris will cause cloudy water and is unsanitary. The pump and filter must have an adequate water flow to work correctly and you must remember to brush and vacuum your spa pool regularly. This will remove potential food for bacteria and algae.

King Neptune ozone generators will precipitate many more organic contaminants out of solution than chlorine. This means that while the water will be much cleaner and softer, the filter will become dirtier in a shorter space of time. Your timer should be set for 6 hours per day. You can never over-ozonate your spa pool, it’s better to run your pool longer than under-time. Your filtration time will also vary greatly, depending on pool size, location of filter, pump size and time of year.

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