Ozone Activator™

The open air environment of a pool attracts many different types of contaminants such as grass clippings, leaves, twigs, animal faeces.

Ozone Activator™ helps to run a pool so that it is clean, fresh and as natural as what mother nature could provide. This product will make it easier for the pool operator to maintain the pool.

One of the benefits of using Ozone Activator™ within the Ozone Synergistic System™ is that ozone within the water sanitises at an optimum level creating silky, crystal clear water which is fresh and natural. This is the way to keep the water in your pool healthy to give you the best experience.

Note that this is not a Chlorine based product.

A monthly dose of Ozone Activator™ is all that is required and you do not need to test your water.

If you have any further enquiries please contact your nearest dealer.

Ozone Activator™ is sold in 1kg and 10kg containers.

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